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KITH x adidas Football Footwear Collection : Footwear : Soccer Bible

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When the sneaker game starts shredding the same infectious style across the football pitch, and more to the point, KITH are involved, the results are only ever going to be strong. Seamlessly extending their adidas collaboration beyond kitted quarters, KITH have reinterpreted flagship adidas boot silhouettes by dipping them in paint and stepping out onto the pitch.

We've already taken in the clothing collections from both sponsored teams – the KITH Cobras (based in NYC) and the KITH Flamingos (based in Miami) – and in those collections the teams were sporting six football footwear models; three for each team. Designed to cover grass, turf and street, the stylised six seduced two of adidas' most heavyweight models in the Copa Mundial and ACE franchises.

Some description
KITH x adidas ACE 16+ UltraBoost "KITH Flamingos"
Some description
KITH x adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol "KITH Flamingos"
Some description
KITH x adidas ACE 17.1 Tango TR "KITH Flamingos"

The KITH Flamingos ACE collection is headlined by the adidas ACE 16+ Purecontrol UltraBoost in a colourway that goes route one on the Flamingo theme. The bright pink design is retained for the laceless football boot option as the ACE 17+ Purecontrol is brushed with the remaining pot of pink for an alternative vibe. Wrapping up the Flamingo collection comes the ACE Tango 17.1 in a clean white wrap with complementing pink details.

Some description
KITH x adidas Copa 17.1 Tango TR "KITH Cobras"
Some description
KITH x adidas Copa 17.1 Ultraboost "KITH Cobras"
Some description
KITH x adidas Copa 17.1 "KITH Cobras"

The KITH Cobras Copa collection throw out a special edition COPA 17.1 football boot with a black snakeskin-embossed kangaroo leather upper. If that ain't premium enough then a white snake-skin leather upper also sides onto the Copa 17.1 UltraBOOST and a bright yellow COPA 17.1 Tango features black snake-skin stripes to wrap up a limited collection of serious stylised game. Choose your side...

The KITH x adidas Football Footwear collection will land in KITH shops and online from June 2.


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