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Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Limited Edition "Platinum Black" : Football Boots : Soccer Bible

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Nike fire up the Tiempo 7 hype by showcasing 100 limited edition pairs of "Platinum Black" next-generation boots. Braised in blackout, the Swoosh count down to the launch of the new series with a design restricted in numbers but unrestricted in stealth style.

Football perfection wrapped up in understated class. The only thing wrong with them? They wont be launching. Nope, Nike have seeded all 100 pairs out to partners to take some pretty photos, write something nice about them, and build up hype ahead of the actual Tiempo Legend 7 launch in the following days. Yeah, shame that.

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What we do know about the Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Limited Edition "Platinum Black", despite it being devilishly handsome, is that the seventh generation takes on a dramatic shift in design compared to the past few series. The ribbed upper is the obvious distinct feature but it's the Flyknit construction on what would be the tongue area that's perhaps most impressive. The lo-cut Flyknit technology was first used on the lo-cut Hypervenom 3 in January, and it looks set to be a mainstay in the Swoosh stable, starting with their Tiempo model.

Some description

Each pair of the Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Limited Edition "Platinum Black" boots is individually numbered on the heel and features orange 'Tiempo Black Platinum' branding on the insole in an otherwise jet black design. The silhouette has arrived, but Nike have yet to announce any specific tech details. Those will have to wait. The "Platinum Black" should help pass the time, mind.

Stay tuned for a first look at the Nike Tiempo Legend 7 in the coming days.


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