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adidas Tango League London 2017 Finals : Events : Soccer Bible

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The adidas 2017 Tango League Finals came to a dramatic close in London with K5s declared as the new kings of Tango League London, and in turn bagging themselves a trip to Los Angeles to compete in the Global Finals for worldwide bragging rights.

London provided the pulsating platform for the kings of the street scene to showcase their talents, and with an adidas contract and a trip to L.A. on the table the football was at its feistiest with uncaged flair at every touch. The most expressive of footballing battles, the 5 vs 5 tournament is all personal battles and full-blooded tackles with the stakes being as high as an opportunity like no other. After a draining display of technique, passion and strength it was locals K5s who came out on top in the capital.

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On the hunt for those raw players that standout both on and off the pitch, the adidas Tango League offers players all over the world to show that they're the best street footballer in their city by mixing in cage performances with social following to climb the leaderboard. A pitch-side party where London streets host fire on the feet and fire in the cage, adidas threw down Nemeziz shapes on Tango territory to give the players a first taste of the latest innovation in a cage environment, and a boot that captures the disruptive agility and fast flowing nature of the Tango League perfectly.

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Next stop, Los Angeles. Time to tear it up all over again, Tango style.


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