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adidas GLITCH 17 "Terraskin" : Football Boots : Soccer Bible

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Presenting the twenty first adidas GLITCH 17 outer skin. Yep, that many. If adidas were demonstrating the versatility of the concept then they've well and truly succeeded. The latest design takes on a "Terraskin" aesthetic and mixes shades of purple and pink.

Options. Options. Options. That's what the Glitch silo brings players and once you've bought your inner shoe you're spoilt for choice. The latest design, worn earlier this week by England U21 international John Swift, is mocking the very foundations of football footwear and the old-fashioned concept of laces by throwing a laced print design across the front of the boot for a unique graphic.

Some description

Since the disruptive arrival of Glitch in October 2016 adidas have focused their innovative concept at the next-generation of footballing talent. Launched in London and only available by obtaining a unique code to purchase through the app, adidas tore up the rulebook on boot design and sales with a totally new concept and consumer experience. 

Want them? Download the adidas Glitch App here.


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