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Neymar & Nike Head to Los Angeles : Events : Soccer Bible

  发表于2017-06-09 10:34 │0 条评论   关注 0

Nike have whisked Neymar away to the States for a personal post-season tour as the Brazilian links up with various influencers, takes in the sights and sounds of Los Angeles and builds on the success of his NJR x Jordan collaboration last year.

Taking time out from international duty, Neymar has headed Stateside and with the Swoosh as his status, he's taking the party by storm and created one damn strong swell, out in LA. In town for a tour of his own, the Barcelona forward has hooked up with sporting royalty to share mutual appreciation for games that cross over in style, having caught some NBA and naturally put in some time to top up the sneaker collection. Selfless with his time on the tour, he's also put on a few training sessions for local school kids and been right in amongst a thriving football scene.

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Blending cultures with supreme force, Neymar's close connection with American sporting culture was confirmed last year when Nike brought together his own signature series and Jordan's for a collaboration of serious global influence. For Nike, the tour gives them a chance explore the positive power of Neymar's profile in America and with his natural appreciation for a multitude of American sports, it bridges the gap between soccer and the NFL and NBA. A catalyst for just how creative the game can be, Neymar in the states is special - not that the profile of the game needed raising but it brings in attention in the shape of one of the world's finest. The perfect weapon to resonate football cool, Nike x Neymar has been delivered on point with this travelling party.

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Naturally, when we talk about this cross over of cultures, the artistic side where Nike and Neymar has always flourished as a duo. This red carpeted vacation of promoted and parties played on that mindset too - a huge mural has been created in the heart of the Latin part of city in honour of Neymar's trip to Los Angeles by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra. It's a feast on the eyes that personifies this player and his stature.

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This trip is a returns to Los Angeles for the second successive year for Neymar, having spent time there last year, mixing it up with the likes of Justin Bieber. Not affraid to showcase this man through Dubai and Japan recently it looks like Nike are already beginning to install Neymar as their lead global asset in football. CR7 ain't getting any younger and this globetrotting Brazilian has the swag and charisma to fill those headline shoes.

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Neymar will be back out in the US when Barcelona head Stateside for their pre-season tour in July with games scheduled against Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid. The first Classico on foreign shores, Neymar will be centre stage, let's watch him dazzle.


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