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SoccerBible Magazine Issue 8: Horizons : Books and Magazines : Soccer Bible

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When handed an opportunity the decision lies on your shoulders as to which way you will play the game. Rise to the adventure and embrace the opportunity or stumble and fall and disappear into the background. SoccerBible Magazine Issue 8 is here and with Marcus Rashford and Alex Morgan fronting proceedings, we celebrate those who explore the unknown and hit the horizon.

Not allowing the game to stand still, some players take the game in their own hands and hit the angle time after time. SoccerBible Magazine Issue 8 is dedicated to that. From Sunday League scenes through to a love letter to safe standing, from the perfect football pub to the jeans that live alongside punk football, we weave through all levels of the game taking in story after story. We'd advise you to join on the journey.

In this issue: 

- Marcus Rashford stepped out as a Manchester United player relatively unknown to the wider world. His ascension has been built on having the confidence to not just capture the moment but own it. Arguably the most energetic English player out there right now, we talk while he walks. An exclusive cover star, he lets us in on life. 

- Alex Morgan's story is truly unscripted. An international icon who has accomplished all on the biggest stage, her journey is inspired. A World Cup winner who has upped sticks and moved across the planet his search of European success. With Lyon her new home we go toe-to-toe and talk through her time to date and get an exclusive insight of her life through her lens.

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- An artist of his own making, we speak to Gosha Rubchinskiy. Leading a lifestyle revolution with three stripes running all over, his first adidas Collaboration is a royal head turner. A man who says it how it is and styles it as he sees it. A true genius with a priceless perspective we talk Russia, football and travel from shell suits to punk threads.

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- Standing tall with a taste for goals, Tammy Abraham has set the Championship alight. Moving out of his comfort zone and embracing the unknown, this debut year in the professional game has packed learning curves of every angle. He explains not only what it's like to leave home but gets deep as he delivers on his own sky high expectations. A killer look for a player who spear heads the next generation of football cool.

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- Paul Burgess talks us through moving from Blackpool to the Bernabeu to become the Real Madrid Groundsman. Still using that classic Quality Street tin to mark out the penalty spot, his perspective is nothing short of perfect. A wonderfully poetic story about brilliance landing at the pinnacle of the game. Sun kissed surroundings and luck created, what a life.

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- Leighton Baines has spent ten solid years at Everton. Going the distance, we sit on the shoulder as his mate Cutthroat Pete takes care of his trim. A player that takes his guitar with him on his travels, a player who is learning to shoot a good picture too, he's a man with talents and someone who doesn't simply sit still. He hurries and hounds the pitch with positive presence and we've got a lot of time for this leader.

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Just a snippet of the cultured carnival of football charm, it's another serving where football meets fashion meets music meets art. Don't mind if we do.

Pick yours up your copy of SoccerBible Magazine Issue 8 here.


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