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Everton 17/18 Home by Umbro : Football Apparel : Soccer Bible

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With touches of retro goodness running throughout, Everton and Umbro have released the club's new home kit for the 17/18 season. Released with a campaign 'Together Blue' the message is on point in emphasising the mutual significance of both club and fans and the geography they share.

Community being at the heart of what Everton pride themselves on, the club used those players who have gone onto shine in the first team having been raised in the local area. Ross Barkley, Leighton Baines, Tom Davies, Jonjoe Kenny and Joe Williams are seen as to representatives of the fans who serve their club on the pitch.

This video has been created to help tell the story further as each of the aforementioned players proudly reveal their own stories of how they grew up a Blue.

The kit itself shouts with less though definitely offers more as we see a return of that classic double diamond return to the shoulders of the shirt and the sides of the shorts. This in itself a design element which first featured on football shirts forty years ago. This ‘diamond taping’ has grown to become an iconic part of football culture, with fans of many clubs including Everton often calling for it to return to Umbro designs. It does so here in a stylish tonal adaptation that updates the classic diamond taping for the modern game.

Some description

A touch of class seals the shirt as a motif of club legend and icon Dixie Dean sits proudly on the neckline. A design feature as chosen by the fans specifically.

The 2017/18 Everton home kit will go on sale on Thursday 8 th June.


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